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The Department of Mathematics started functioning as an ancillary department right from the inception of the college in 1995. At present there are two faculty members in the department. They regularly attend seminars, workshops and conferences to keep themselves updated and to meet the challenges of a fast changing technical world. Mathematics is a Queen of Science. Basic knowledge in mathematics is essential to face any competitive exam and to the successful in both the domestic and the outside world.


The core objectives of the department are to impart students with logical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem solving skills; to equip them with more technological skills and scientific computing techniques based on mathematical methods to meet the growing demand in the industrial, marketing and communication sectors; to widen their horizon of knowledge with a focus on research papers; focus on value based education for intellectual enhancement to suit the context of globalization; introduce realistic application of Mathematics in related sciences; and to enable the student to appreciate the intrinsic aspects of mathematics.

On Practice:

• Seminars and Assignment.

• Class room quiz on subject

• Group discussions for the related subject

• Problem solving techniques

• Remedial classes during college hours

• Special classes for the slow learners in order to make them understand the subjects thoroughly and clearly.

• Slow learners are identified through the mentoring system. Repeated tests are conducted to make them thorough with the subjects.

Faculty Profile

Dr. K. SATHIYA M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.,SET Qualified .

Assistant Professor

Experience : 10 years

E-Mail :

Phone : +91 9486954460

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C. Balamourougane M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil .

Assistant Professor

Experience : 10 Years

E-Mail :

Phone : +91 8220573321

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